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My interior design services are cost efficient and highly practical.  I am committed to delivering quality and value for my clients.


Services offered: 

  • Room design

  • Space planning

  • Home styling and home staging

  • Consultancy and advice services


Room Design


I create successful interior design schemes by skillfully combining the decorative elements of wall and floor finishes, fixtures, fittings, furniture and furnishings to achieve an overall design which is coherent and visually pleasing.


I begin with a client-designer meeting so that I can derive a project brief, developing an understanding of my client’s aspirations, lifestyle needs, style preferences and budget.  This typically takes place on-site which allows me to begin the process of developing a design which is bespoke to the building and takes account of the interior architecture, and the existing details and furnishings that are to be retained.


As an output of the design process I provide clients with a room design presentation pack typically containing style imagery, sketch plans and coloured visuals, sometimes covering a number of options.  I include details of everything that is required to implement the scheme, providing this as a fully itemised and costed list (including suppliers/shops, item name and reference, web links, etc.) so that it is easy for all of the items that comprise your design scheme to be obtained.


I remain in regular contact with my clients throughout the design phase to ensure that there are no surprises at the end.


Looking to do something a bit different?  I can be as bold and adventurous (or as restrained!) as you want me to be!  I have lots of great imaginative ideas to help you to achieve something original and personal to you.


I typically offer this service for a fixed fee which is agreed at the start of the project.


Space Planning


The layout or arrangement of a room or rooms in a building is a major determinant of whether the interior is appealing and successful.  A poor layout can lead to awkward or cluttered spaces and areas which aren’t being used to their best potential.  


Whether you are planning an extension, thinking of opening-up and knocking-through parts of your home, or have existing spaces that you are not getting the best from, my space planning service may be just what you need.  


By undertaking a planning exercise for you I will determine the best layout and use of space, and give you options that you haven’t previously considered.  I will present the options using the most appropriate level of detail depending on your project – from simple 2D sketch plans through to coloured 3D visualisations.  


Clients who have used this service have reported that they found the service invaluable for helping them to make good decisions for their project.


I typically offer this service for a fixed fee which is agreed at the start of the project.


Home Styling or Home Staging


If you are selling your house make sure that it looks its absolute best for the marketing photos and viewings.  It is virtually impossible to offer an effective critical judgement on our own homes but a good impartial interior designer is well equipped to fulfill this role.  In this advisory capacity I suggest simple, easy to implement changes focused on reducing distracting clutter, maximising the feeling of space and helping potential buyers to appreciate the best virtues of your home.

Consultancy from £65.00.


General consultancy and advice  


Perhaps you are finding it difficult to get started on your project or you just need to talk to somebody about paint colours?  A consultation with me may be all that is required to set your project on the right track.

Consultancy from £65.00.


Kitchen Advice


If you are planning a new kitchen you might be relying on a kitchen showroom to take care of the layout and design. However it is advisable to take advice from an impartial designer with a broader view to ensure that the layout is a good fit for your home and that all of the design elements integrate together well for a really coherent finish.

I typically offer this service for a fixed fee which is agreed at the start of the project.


My services are available on their own or in combination according to your needs.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.





Consultation Only - Charged at £65 for the first hour* followed by £25 per each additional ½ hour.

*Based upon locations within approx 10 miles of Basingstoke.   For greater distances I may at my discretion charge a small extra fee.  Please enquire.


Fixed Price Packages – A fixed-fee is agreed with the client at the start of the project.  I can usually provide an indicative cost when you make an initial enquiry.

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